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Indeutsch boasts of a highly developed and integrated production infrastructure that ensures excellent quality of it's products. We have separate divisions for manufacturing of different components resulting in an efficient production chain. All the divisions are equipped with sophisticated designing and manufacturing devices. Highly proficient personnel monitor each step of various manufacturing procedures.

You can assess the strength of our production infrastructure by having a look at our various divisions :

Brush Division

Our brush division is capable of manufacturing a variety of brushes used in various applications. It is manned by trained workman who have acquired skills, both in the traditional method and modern brush making technique.

Capacity: 2.0 Million Brushes (Private Labeled) Per Month
- Separate pool of highly skilled tufters.
- Packaging expertise

Ferrule Division

Our ferrule division encompasses the largest ferrule making operation in the world. To keep the highest level of standard, we employ latest German production technology.

Capacity: 3.5 Million Ferrules per month
- Manufacturing more than 300 different sizes of ferrules - going from 0.5mm to 40 mm diameter
- Capable of working within lowest tolerances
- In-house chemical laboratory for ensuring high quality surface finish.

Handle Operations

Our skilled employees give highest emphasis on dimensional accuracy of handles and their components. All the handles are manufactured using latest German technology maintaining high quality standards and in compliance with European and American Toy Safety standards (Adheres to the principles of EN - 71 & ASTM )

Capacity: 3.0 Million Handles per month
- In-house laboratory developing paint formulations
- Can provide handle color as per PMS Shades.
- Only lab tested paints used that comply with safety standards.
- Modern paint shop using latest technology

Pipe Unit

The unit is equipped to supply high quality pipes to the ferrule division in the least possible time.

Capacity: 4.0 Tonnes Pipe per month
- Capable of drawing from smallest sizes (3.3 mm Diameter) to largest sizes (40.0 mm Diameter)

Technical Centre

Precision is the mantra in our handle operations unit. The ability to transform ideas into tangible objects has made our tool shop the backbone of our organization. Our creative force spares no effort to develop new products and set higher quality standards.

- CAD/CAM technology
- In-house dies and spares development
- Fabrication of special purpose machines
- Carrying out maintenance jobs for the entire company
- R&D cell

Hair Processing Unit

This unit is an integral part of our entire production infrastructure. Hair, which is an important part of our brushes is processed here and given customized finish. We use superior quality of hair to maintain quality that has been our vital asset.

- Using a blend of ancient and modern techniques of hair processing
- Superior quality of hair
- Manpower trained by the best overseas & Indian experts

Quality Control Cell

Our quality control cell leaves no stone unturned to manufacture totally flawless brushes and their components. It ensures highest standards of quality at every stage of manufacturing including the selection of raw material and going right upto dispatch of the best products from the factory.

- Separate Quality control cell using distinct technologies developed in-house
- Apart from final inspection of finished goods, work-in-process is also passed through quality checks and tests at all levels of production
- Separate QC report attached to shipments
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Indeutsch Industries Pvt. LimitedBrushes | Brush Components | Hair Types | Head Shapes | Packaging | Care For Brushes | Corporate Info | InfrastructureIndeutsch Industries Pvt. Limited

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