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Brushes ask for careful treatment as even a slight misuse could spoil their performance and hamper the final result significantly. Careful handlzing of brushes enhances their performances and retains their quality. Scroll down and find out how easy it is to retain your brushes fresh and new for a long time.

Oil Brush Care :Oil brushes require extra amont of care just because of their nature of work. One should always avoid leaving dirty brushes standing on its hair in a jar of solvent.All the paint from the brush should be scraped off with a rag or pallet knife and then should be rinsed in the clean water.

Watercolor Brush Care : These expensive brushes should be well look after. Rough treatment like scrubbing watercolor pan or using with additives like texture gel should beavoided. After painting, brush should be well rinsed in cold water. Dry paints around the ferrules should be softened and removed with with washinh-up liquid or shampoo, followed by a good rinse in clean water.Before resting the brush in the jar its original shape should be brought back.

Acrylic Brush Care : One should always avoid drying the acrylic paint on the brush.After painting all the paint should be wiped off, followed by rinsing. under cold water. Before reshaping, it should be washed wih detergent. Rest it on in handle ina jar for drying the brush. To remove the dry paint from the brush, soak it inmethylated spirits or denatured alcohal. water based cleaner can also be used for this purpose.

Cosmetic Brush Care : All your make-up brushes should be cleaned at least once a month. Brushes used to apply lipistic and cocealer require more frequent cleaning than brushes used for powder producs, though, as these brushes often become sticky and then easily pick up particles of dust and dirt.

Brushes can be washed in luke-warm water with pure soap or mild hair shampoo. Make sure that you wash brushes gently, retaining the shape of the brush hair and not flaring it out into a fountain shape. Gently squeez out the make-up while the brush is under water. Follow the same procedure and rinse brushes thoroughly in clean water, ensuring that all traces of soapiness have been removed. Squeez the hair back into its original shape and place the brushs on a clean, dry towel to dry.

When your brushes are not in use

When not using brushes, lay them on a flat surface or bristle end up in a jar. Do not leave them to soak resting on their bristles as this does unmeasurable damage.

When you are through with the work
· Just after you have finished working with your brushes, clean them with cheaper white spirit rather than turpentine.

· Pour a little into a jar with a screw top and wipe off any extra paint from the brushes on a newspaper.

· Work them in the white spirit and then rinse in running warm water.

· After that, rub on a cake of pure soap and roll the leathered bristle around in the palm of your hand, rinse and repeat until the leather is clean.

· Make sure that the paint has dissolved at the point where the hair enters the metal ferrule and pule them back with your thumb to check.

· Once you are through with careful rinsing of the brushes, shake out the excess water and coax the brush back into shape.

· Leave the brush dry and inverted in a jar or tin.

Other precautions
· Screw up the jar of white spirit as in a day's time the pigment will have sunk to the bottom, leaving the spirit clear. You can then pour it off into a new jar and use it again.

· Store the sable brushes in mothproof boxes, making sure the brushes are clean and dry.

· Soak the brush in paint stripper. Then, wearing rubber gloves, clean off the brush and gently work off the paint.

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